The moon is down

by miolpe on 25, gener, 2016

9780140187465_lJohn Steinbeck wrote this novel in 1942, just when Nazi Germany’s power was on its zenith. Although the author doesn’t provide any details about the location of the town or the nationality of the invaders, I couldn’t imagine any other troop but the German when I was reading this superb story.

The sun rises another day in this little town. It’s a quiet and a peaceful place and people are enjoying the Sunday as best as they can, but all it’s going to change by the night. In a few hours, silently, facing poor local resistance, the town will be taken by the enemy.

But these are not easy people to control, they were born free, they have not even seen a war in a hundred years, they have not guns -yet- but they have their own way to show the invader that they are not welcome. The whole town spirit is lead by the two main characters Mayor Orden and Dr. Winter who will have to deal with Colonel Lanser and his staff in order to get their freedom back.

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