Twelfth Night or What you will

by miolpe on 5, abril, 2016

288full-twelfth-night-(new-penguin-shakespeare)-coverIt is believed that this innovative comedy play was written by Shakespeare around 1601, which is quite a remarkable achievement if we consider the plot. Back then it was quite daring to break the rules of classic theater, but Shakespeare definitely nailed and paved the way to modern sitcoms.

However, what we can find in it is a lot more than a plain comedy. The characters are terrifically built, all of them showing a smart and an irreverent sense of humor. The dialogs are brilliant and funny and from the very beginning, you’ll get trapped by the intrigue. 

For us, as I said before, who are used to sitcoms, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that it is just another silly love story full of misunderstandings, but we need to put ourselves in Shakespeare’s shoes  and consider that, although he wrote it four hundred years ago, it’s still as contemporary as it was back then.

So you have no excuse to delay the reading of this classic, mainly because you can enjoy the modern English version online through Not Fear Shakespeare project, and of course, you can borrow it from the library.

I promise you’ll enjoy it.

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